How to Master, Maximize & Monetize
Unpaid Speaking Opportunities

Here it is. A virtual online training program delivering a complete step-by-step system for turning speaking opportunities into high-paying corporate clients (and other B2B clients) in as little as 30 days!




If you’re looking to deliver a formulaic, cookie-cutter talk at the front of the room — and then close sales in a mad rush at the back of the room… you are in the wrong place.


If, on the other hand, you…


  • Are an agent of change — a genuine tour de force in your field with a powerful message to share
  • Know that speaking is a great way to market your business — but you’re still searching for the missing pieces on how to turn those talks into high-profit, high-impact opportunities with corporations, mid-size companies, universities, non-profits and other organizations
  • Understand that big-ticket sales are going to happen in private conversations after the fact — not at a sales table located in the back of the room
  • Have taken speaking courses before, but are frustrated because the majority of what they teach doesn’t exactly apply when you’re selling to busy decision makers…
  • Are no stranger to speaking at events, and audiences love your content, yet speaking is still not generating the kind of money it should be for you




You see, among the ever-growing list of small business coaches, consultants and mentors out there, only a handful really practice what they preach. That’s why I'm honored (and humbled) to be recognized by my clients as “the real deal,” as they say.


I'm Angelique Rewers, and many of you already know me as The Corporate Agent and the creator of the global conference, INSIDE EDGE.


Back in 2006, I walked out of my corporate office to start my own business. I then used my experience of having been a decision maker on the other side of the corporate buying table — having hired hundreds of outside experts and vendors — to quickly land some of the biggest brands in the world as my own clients.


Before long, other self-employed experts and business owners took notice of my success and started asking for my help in achieving the same kinds of results for their own businesses.


Soon I was mentoring hundreds and then thousands of small business owners all over the world.


Today, my company The Corporate Agent is a fast-growing, seven-figure-plus enterprise serving experts in all corners of the globe, from the United States and Canada, to Italy, Taiwan, Australia, Brazil, Slovenia and Spain, to Cape Town, South Africa and beyond.


Not the least surprising, the biggest challenge facing small business owners in every part of the world is landing clients.


And while it’s easy to get distracted today with so many low-cost and no-cost tools and widgets, the truth is, absolutely nothing online comes close to matching the shear power of speaking to your target market face to face.



You can’t “swing a cat” as they say and not hit a program teaching business owners how to use speaking to make money.


That’s why I’ve debated with myself for years as to whether or not I should release a program encompassing all of my insider strategies on using unpaid speaking opportunities to win clients.


But when my private clients are blazing trails, building legacies and consistently landing über profitable new clients using these strategies — how can I not?

Plus, there are a lot of smart, savvy business owners out there who are really fed up with putting time and energy into speaking at conferences and other events, and yet still not seeing any results.


Here are some of the big complaints I hear time and again…

  • It seems like all the advice out there is targeted either at speakers who want to close sales right in the room with low-cost, manufactured-urgency offers — or for speakers who want to make their living as a paid keynote speaker.
  • You’ve gone out to speak at events before, and yet it feels like you are talking to a room full of your competitors or, worse, you’re talking to a room full of mid-level people who don’t have the authority to buy from you.
  • You get raving feedback from attendees in your sessions and yet that enthusiasm rarely (possibly even never) materializes into any new business opportunities.


  • None of the “Willy Wonka Mobile” of online marketing funnel techniques you’ve learned seem to work very well when dealing with people inside of “real” companies and organizations.
  • You feel uncomfortable with all the sneaky sales and marketing strategies being taught today — and if you tried to apply any of them in a room full of “corporate” people you know you would be laughed off stage (or at least never invited back again).
  • When you do land a speaking opportunity you become consumed with questions running through your mind about what exactly you’re “supposed” to be doing in order to maximize the opportunity.


If any of that describes your own experience, it’s quite possible that you’ve given up on speaking. After all — what’s the point, right?




Speaking is still the most powerful marketing force in the universe — when you know how to leverage it.




What if I could show you how to get yourself booked to speak in the RIGHT rooms — rooms where the big players gather?


What if I could personally walk you through EXACTLY what to do before, during and after every speaking engagement so that you’re filled with confidence, get rave reviews, and consistently land new clients?


And what if those same strategies could then be applied in all other aspects of your marketing so you can multiply the results you’re getting across the board — in everything you do?


Would that transform your business? (Heck yeah, it would!)


And so, after years of teaching my private clients my powerful system for using speaking opportunities to win lucrative corporate clients, I’m introducing a one-of-a-kind training program…


A program that YOU can participate in and benefit from, no matter where you are in the world, and no matter what level your business is at… yes, even if you’re just getting started.


It’s called SPEAKING REMIXED. And it’s in a category by itself.

And by change everything, I mean…














You see, when it comes to speaking to win corporate clients, I’ve cracked the code AND I’m laying it out for you so you can easily duplicate my success — and the success of my clients.


In SPEAKING REMIXED, I’m going to walk you through the 7 critical steps for using speaking opportunities to effortlessly win high-paying clients, start to finish.

No more wasted time and energy speaking at events when your target market isn’t even there.


No more stressful, angst-filled days struggling to figure out what your “sales strategy” is going to be.


No more walking out of events with that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach knowing that you’ve left thousands of dollars (if not much, much more) on the table.


No more feeling disappointed and disheartened that yet another opportunity that you thought was going to pay off big for you instead fizzles out.


No more confusion about how to leverage all those business cards that you collected and connections that you made.







In just a few weeks, you’re going to walk away with:

  • A complete step-by-step framework for using unpaid speaking opportunities to get to decision makers quickly and close real big-ticket opportunities
  • How to find the right events to speak at — and position yourself to be an easy “YES!” for the conference selection committee
  • How to easily turn one speaking opportunity into a steady stream of them
  • The critical ingredient 99.9% of speakers are missing from their talks that sabotages their results
  • Knowing specifically what to do before, during and after every event to set yourself up for maximum results


  • How to create such massive intrigue and curiosity in your audience that they actually WANT to learn more about how you can help them
  • My proprietary formula for the “one-conversation close” so that you can go from warm prospect to paying client in as little as one phone call or meeting (and you’ll even be able to skip the proposal!)
  • A ton of my personal, time-tested strategies and tips for saving you time, money and sanity (and keep you from learning the hard way!)
  • The unstoppable momentum that comes with knowing what to do and how to do it
  • And a whole lot more!


Here’s an even closer look at what you’re going to learn when you join me for SPEAKING REMIXED…


STEP 1: Find the *Right* Speaking Opportunities


We start here because nothing else will matter if you are in the wrong room talking to the wrong people.


So the first order of business is making sure that you’re in rooms where you can talk to the people who have the authority, the influence and the money to buy from you.


You’ll learn:


  • How to find the coveted events that are attended by the decision makers with real buying authority — as well as how to avoid the events that are nothing more than boondoggles (i.e. the events when everyone is by the pool instead of in your breakout session)
  • The biggest mistake most small business owners make when selecting which events to speak at (you may even be making this mistake yourself — but after this first training module, you’ll never fall into this trap again)


  • Which specific resources are truly the BEST for finding high-quality events where the decision makers with buying power congregate
  • The precise search terms you should use to find events online
  • 2 stealthy strategies to help you quickly determine if an event is worth investing your valuable time and money into or not
  • Plus, my personal time-saving, hassle-saving shortcuts to make sure that a coveted speaking opportunity doesn’t slip through your radar

STEP 2. Get Booked to Speak (Again and Again)


Now that you’ve found the events you need and want to speak at, we’re ready to stack the deck in your favor — so that the speaker selection committee puts YOU at the top of their “hell yes!” list.


In this step, you will learn:


  • The underlying strategic decision you have to make before applying to speak that will make or break your success
  • How to find the right angle to stand out from the hundreds of other speaking applications committees receive
  • 5 specific elements your talk title and description MUST include if you want the selection committee to stop dead in their tracks and move your application to the “definitely, absolutely, we-can’t-live-without-this-speaker” pile
  • 3 mistakes you absolutely have to avoid when submitting your speaking application if you want to get a speaking spot
  • One of my personal time-saving shortcuts that will make it faster and faster to apply for speaking opportunities — and even allow you to delegate 90% of this task to an assistant or other team member
  • 3 advanced speaker strategies that will virtually guarantee you a spot on the conference agenda
  • What to do if you find out about your ideal speaking opportunity after it’s too late... so you can make a late-save recovery

"I tripled my revenue and I landed my first two corporate clients!"

“In just the first year working with Angelique and using her strategies, I tripled my revenue and landed my first two corporate clients. How? Angelique encouraged me to get out there and start speaking right away. With her urging, I applied to speak at a prominent worldwide conference where 1000's of decision makers from my corporate target market were in attendance. I used Angelique’s strategies for getting booked to speak, and it worked! I landed a breakout session in front of 200+ people — marking my very first big speaking engagement! I'm so glad I did too, because out of that conference I landed my first corporate client which immediately led to multiple projects, and it also broke the ice on my 'speaking trepidation.'  I had such a blast doing it, and the revenue rewards have been so significant that I’ve made speaking a standard part of my marketing platform. If you want to speak to get corporate clients, you have to get your hands on Angelique’s strategies. She's an absolute master!"

Michelle Lange

Video Marketing and Messaging Strategist

M Lange Media


“I closed my first corporate client ever – worth $20,000 so far!”

“Thanks to Angelique’s strategies for landing speaking engagements — and even more importantly, what to do before, during and after you speak — I landed a $5,000 corporate contract, followed almost immediately by an additional $15,000 contract. What makes this win so special is that it was my very first corporate client project, doing the exact type of work I envisioned when I decided to launch my business. I had no prior relationship with this company or the decision makers, and I can’t imagine how long it would have taken me to build a relationship with them any other way. What Angelique teaches is simple yet powerful.”

LeeAnn Mallorie

Founder & CEO of Leading in Motion


STEP 3. Fill Your Session to “Standing Room Only”


Yes, you read that right. YOU need to take a proactive approach in making sure that your speaking session is filled to capacity — and that it’s filled with the right decision makers.


(Hint: Your session title and description appearing on the conference website and in the attendee agenda does not even come close to cutting it!)


In this third step, I’m going to teach you:


  • The 2 all-important questions you should be asking every conference committee chairperson the moment that you learn you’ve been selected to speak
  • 11 powerful pre-event strategies that will ensure your session is filled to “standing room only” with your ideal prospects
  • 2 unbelievably effective “wash-rinse-repeat” strategies you can use to land a client before you even speak at the event!
  • How to create epic pre-event buzz that positions you as a credible, trustworthy thought leader with your targeted audience — and has them eager to learn from you before you ever step onto the stage
  • 9 built-in opportunities for getting a jumpstart on cultivating the know-like-trust factor with your audience… so you can walk into a room of warm prospects (you’d be crazy to ignore these!)


STEP 4. Craft a Presentation That Sets Up Big-Dollar Sales


Contrary to what a lot of speaking gurus proclaim, common sense tells us that a talk designed to close low-ticket sales in the back of the room just isn’t going to work when it comes to situations where the high-ticket sale will only happen in a private, one-on-one conversation… later.


So in this step, I’ll break down for you:


  • EXACTLY what the 12 key elements are that you must include in the body of your signature talk so that it leads seamlessly into sales opportunities
  • The HUGE factor that you have to take into account when you’re speaking to a room full of busy professionals with a lot on their mind (miss this, and you’re done)
  • How to easily and effectively overcome the unspoken objection that is going on inside the head of every “ideal” prospect in your room (heads up: this paradox is what stops most experts and business owners from generating any revenue out of their speaking gigs)
  • 7 compelling ways to seed your services and expertise without coming across sales-y or obviously self-serving… and yet still get results
  • How to find and tap into the power of urgency that already exists inside your ideal prospects — versus trying to artificially manufacture a sense of urgency from the outside
  • The No. 1 thing that you are NOT going to do when you speak (unless you want to alienate your audience and walk away disappointed)
  • The answer to “How much is too much?” when it comes to sharing your brilliance and wisdom generously versus holding some things back
  • 3 captivating, compelling "calls to action" that make sense when you’re talking to an audience that, quite simply, isn’t going to make a buying decision on the spot


"My consulting fees have more than tripled!"

"When I started working with Angelique, I was playing small and I knew it. I attracted clients who didn't have a lot of money and therefore were limited with what they could do. Working with Angelique has been transformative. I have learned how to apporoach a corporate client, sell them exactly what they need, be relentless, and package my service accordingly.

The bottom line is this: when I hired Angelique, I had clients, but not the kind of business I have dreamed about. Angelique is an expert in what she does and my business has benefitted greatly from her strategy. And my consulting fees have more than tripled!"

Jennifer Ransaw Smith

CEO, Brand id Strategic Partners

“My revenue has increased by more then 300%…”

“Before working with Angelique, I was struggling to create a breakthrough and, as a result, was working my ass off and yet still not seeing results. However, in the time we've worked together, my revenue has increased by more then 300% — and the amount of free time I have has doubled. One of the things I appreciate most about her is her relentless focus on the stuff that actually matters when it comes to closing clients and putting revenue in the bank. If you are looking to grow your company, and you seek someone that is no B.S., look no further.”

Chris Yonker

Executive Coach


STEP 5. Set the Stage for Big Sales


Now that we have your signature talk ready to go, it’s time to strategize all the other elements you need to plan for when you’re presenting at an event.


When I pull back the curtain on my insider strategies, you’ll be amazed at how effortlessly you can deliver incredible value to your audience, while also setting yourself up for lucrative sales opportunities out of the event.


In Step 5, I’m going to share with you:


  • 5 easy ways to get business cards and/or contact information from every person in your room (and why you should even get two business cards from some people!)
  • The most effective way to utilize the Q&A time in your presentation as part of your larger sales strategy
  • What you need to know about speaker evaluations that are handed out at most events today — and what you can and should be doing instead to discover who in your room is a warm lead
  • My simple strategy for easily adjusting your talk on a dime so it can scale easily to fit any time slot… even if there are last-minute changes to the speaker schedule that you have to contend with
  • How to tell killer client success stories that your audience will love — and that will move them into action
  • The No. 1 most important thing you need to do at the end of your presentation to ensure that you are able to identify the HOTTEST leads in the room
  • My close-to-the-vest secrets for “working the crowd” at the end of your session in order to maximize your very limited window of opportunity
  • 5 expert strategies for seamlessly transitioning from your content into making a compelling next-step invitation to your audience

“The results have been spectacular!”

"When I look at my client list from the past 12 months, all but one of my clients came from my speaking engagements. I’ve even generated high-quality referrals from speaking that have led to more opportunities! Presenting directly in front of the decision makers and influencers not only gives me immediate access, but also positions me as a leading authority on my topic. Speaking has become my number one business building strategy because it works — especially thanks to the advanced strategies Angelique teaches for getting booked to speak, as well as her strategies for what to do before, during and after every speaking engagement to maximize your results. All the pieces are there for you, laid out step by step. And hands down, the results have been spectacular!”

Dr. Maria Church

“I will move heaven and earth to attend and participate in ANYTHING that Angelique does!"

“Following Angelique’s guidance and strategic advice I reached out to two centers of influence, which resulted in a revenue up-tick of $45,000 so far this year, plus a pipeline of success fees of another $50,000. Even better is that this is just the initial impact of these two simple calls, so there will be even more growth in the coming months. I will move heaven and earth to attend and participate in ANYTHING that Angelique does because she over delivers. Every. Single. Time.”

Jennifer Peek


Peek Valuations

STEP 6. Land Closed-Door Meetings with the Real Decision Makers


Behind closed-doors is where the big deals happen. However, how do you go from being the crowd-favorite, 5-star speaker at the event… to being the sought-after expert that decision makers are clamoring to talk to after the event?

It starts with delivering the right content in your presentation — but there’s a lot more to it than that.

In step six, I’ll show you:

  • How to develop a full-proof, post-event follow-up strategy that is easy to execute and wildly effective
  • 3 powerful ways to create lasting intrigosity™ in your audience so they can’t wait to get started working with you… even after the excitement of the event has worn off
  • Specifically what to do and what to say to the people who attended your speaking session so you can fill your calendar with conversations that count
  • Easily distinguish between the “ready now” versus the “ready later” prospects… and what exactly to do with each category of leads
  • How to ask for a meeting or phone conversation in a way that is entirely genuine, gets you an “easy yes” — and has zero risk of rejection no matter what the response


“I just used Angelique's NDC formula to seal a $200,000 deal…”

“I followed Angelique’s framework for how to structure a presentation that sets up high-dollar sales, and it landed me a contract eight times larger than any contract I’ve ever closed. What’s more, it only took three weeks to go from meeting the decision maker at the event to having a signed contract and money in the bank. But her real magic is in her needs discovery conversation formula, which has been a total game changer. I just used her NDC formula to close a $200,000 corporate contract — in just one face-to-face meeting. Angelique is seriously the real deal. I don’t know how else to say it.”

Lori Volkman

CEO, Trajectory Communications



STEP 7. Close Lucrative Deals. (Celebrate.)


This is my secret sauce. The Big Kahuna. The thing that takes my clients from “just getting by” to becoming fully in the driver’s seat of creating new revenue on demand.


I’m talking about Needs Discovery Conversations — my proprietary formula for a “one-conversation close.” And no, a Needs Discovery Conversation is not just another phrase meaning sales conversation. On the contrary, the entire “come from,” philosophy and approach behind an NDC is unique.


In this step, I’ll teach you:


  • How to *best* prepare for conversations with potential new clients so that you walk in fully present, calm, confident and ready to roll
  • My proprietary framework for how to structure these client conversations minute by minute, from beginning to end
  • What EXACTLY you should say at the beginning of a conversation with a potential new client that will not only set the stage for closing a sale… it will help you stay firmly in control of the meeting
  •  What topics and specifics you absolutely, positively must cover if you want to close the deal in just one conversation
  • The most essential questions to ask the prospect and in what order — as well as how to ask them
  • What you really should be listening for in these discussions if you don’t want to be disappointed later
  • How to respond to tricky questions and curve ball statements you’re pretty much guaranteed to get at one time or another
  • What to NEVER (ever) do before you leave a meeting or end a call with a hot lead
  • The fatal pitfalls you want to steer clear of in conversations with potential new clients
  • And a whole lot more!


“I immediately closed a $45,000 leadership coaching program!”

“After working with Angelique, I’ve cleared my shelves of all of the ‘online marketing blender’ courses and other workshops and programs I’ve invested in for years. With just applying two strategies of Angelique’s instead, I made over 50 new organization connections, I have 3 appointments scheduled with people wanting to know about my services, and closed over $10,000 in business ($8,000 with a client I’ve only had two conversations with).

Using another strategy from Angelique led to an invite from the CEO to meet with her executive team. By the end of the meeting, they asked 'Can you fit us into your schedule and how much time can you give our company?' I immediately closed them into a $45,000 leadership coaching program! Discarding this clutter has allowed for valuable live communication time, freed up my mind, and opened more space in my office to house all the contracts that keep flowing in. Thank you, Angelique, for the freedom your wisdom has brought me!”

Debora McLaughlin

CEO, The Renegade Leader Coaching & Consulting Group

Let me also address two things that you WON’T find in my SPEAKING REMIXED program:


  • No performance training. Winning high-paying clients in the B2B space is not about getting your audience to parrot back things like, “Yes! YES!” It’s not about breaking out in a sweat from theatrics… nor is it about using NLP tricks. So you won’t find any of that in this training.
  • No slick or sneaky sales antics. Not only can savvy audiences see right through these over-used, over-rehearsed moves, but when it comes to penetrating high-paying companies and other organizations, they simply don’t work.





I created SPEAKING REMIXED specifically for small business owners and self-employed experts who want to use speaking as their go-to move for getting to the real decision makers at corporations, small and mid-size companies, universities, non-profits and/or government agencies quickly — and using that proximity to win lucrative clients.


No matter what field or stage of business you are in — from start-up to a mature company — speaking is a catalyst to bigger impact and bigger profits.





7 Sequential Training Modules

Over the course of the program, you’ll receive access to 7 information-packed training modules walking you through my road-tested, step-by-step strategies — the same strategies that have generated millions of dollars for my clients. Topics are divided into easily digestible segments, helping ensure that you can implement as you go.


3 Q&A Call Recordings

Go even deeper into the content when you listen in as Angelique offers advice and provides laser-coaching during previously recorded Q&A calls. You’ll discover golden nuggets from the questions, comments and input from other business owners, and gain even more value as Angelique shares additional strategies and tips not covered during the training modules.


Audio Recordings & PDF Transcripts of All Training Modules & Q&A Calls

All SPEAKING REMIXED training modules and live Q&A calls are recorded and audios are available for listening online or downloading to your iPod or other favorite MP3 player. All training modules and calls are also transcribed and PDF transcripts become available for download one week after the module or call is released, making for easy note taking and fast searching for particular points.

All-Inclusive “Launch Party” Gift for


Gift: A “Done-for-You” Post Speaking Email Campaign

To save you time, stress and money — and have you well on your way to landing lucrative clients — I’m going to provide you with a pre-written, plug-and-play email campaign that you can use after your speaking engagements to follow-up with your hot new prospects.


As a seven-figure, international award-winning copywriter, it would cost thousands of dollars to have me write a custom campaign for you. However, you get this entire campaign, written by me personally, ready to go. Just like “mad libs,” all you need to do is fill in the blanks and hit send. How sweet is that?


(Value: A lot)



Dan Kimble


Resonance Executive Coaching

Claudio Toyama



“Using the strategies Angelique teaches, I increased my revenue by more than 400% and I’ve never felt better about where I’m headed as a business owner. The bottom line is that the strategies she provides works.”

“By January 2nd of this year, I had already secured more revenue for 2015 than all of last year combined! As I said before, if Angelique could lock us all in a room with her for 30 days, we’d all be millionaires!”




No, I’m not going to hold your hand. (Sorry — my husband wouldn’t like that very much.) But I am going to make the program incredibly easy to follow and keep you fully engaged with me from start to finish. Cool?


Here’s how it’s going to work…


As soon as you’re registered, you’ll immediately receive an invitation to join our exclusive online forum, which serves as “home base” for our program. There you’ll get instant access to recordings of all of the easy-to-follow modules and Q&A calls.


The only catch? YOU need to take action. Because results happen when the rubber meets the road.



You’ve no doubt already done the math. Which means you already know that your SPEAKING REMIXED enrollment will more than pay for itself with just one new client. So the real question is: Will you take action on what you learn? If the answer is YES, then what are you waiting for?


Simply click on the secure order button below, and get INSTANT ACCESS to the first module of SPEAKING REMIXED!


"You have got to get your hands on Angelique's Strategies!"

"I've been in the coaching business and in sales for a long time. And what Angelique teaches and what she has put together when it comes to selling to all the big companies out there is truly world class. Frankly, it's the best I've seen, and that's why I've put her on the faculty of my own mastermind program.

Not only have we successfully applied her strategies in our own business, but we've also seen our coaching clients put her strategies into action and experience an immediate increase in their revenues. Bottom line: If selling to corporate clients is something that you are doing or something that you want to do, you have to get your hands on Angelique's strategies!"

David Neagle

Master income acceleration mentor



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YOU EXPRESSLY AGREE THAT YOUR USE OR INABILITY TO USE THE SPEAKING REMIXED PROGRAM IS AT YOUR SOLE RISK. By purchasing SPEAKING REMIXED, you accept, agree and understand that you are fully responsible for your progress and results from your participation and that we offer no representations, warranties or guarantees verbally or in writing regarding your earnings, business profit, marketing performance, audience growth or results of any kind. You alone are responsible for your actions and results in life and business, which are dependent on personal factors including, but not necessarily limited to, your skill, knowledge, ability, dedication, business savvy, network and financial situation, and other factors. You also understand that any testimonials or endorsements by our customers or audience represented on our programs, websites, content, landing pages, sales pages or offerings have not been scientifically evaluated by us and the results experienced by individuals may vary significantly. Any statements outlined on our websites, programs, content and offerings are simply our opinion and thus are not guarantees or promises of actual performance. We offer no professional legal, medical, psychological or financial advice.


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